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We're all anger heroes. Meet others that turned their anger into their superpower.

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Avatar Robert


South Africa
How to Use Anger to Win
Avatar Wesley Bauwens

Wesley Bauwens

Ghent, Belgium
Warrior of the light
Avatar Maya Peleman

Maya Peleman

The Blanket Of Warm Anger
Avatar Belo Mussche

Belo Mussche

Ghent, Belgium
How to Transform Anger into Love
Avatar Pieter Baert

Pieter Baert

Ghent, Belgium
How Stubbornness Can Give Birth to What Does Not Exist Yet
Avatar Ahmed


Ghent, Belgium
How to Use Anger to Help Others
Avatar Bart


Ghent, Belgium
How to Stand Your Ground and Pick Your Fights
Avatar Koen Geens

Koen Geens

Huldenberg, Belgium
How to Manage Your Anger Peacefully, Even Within the Battlefield of Politics
Avatar Ismail ‘Cool’ Abdoul

Ismail ‘Cool’ Abdoul

Ghent, Belgium
How to Use Anger for Fair Fighting and to help others
Avatar Frederick


Ghent, Belgium
How to Use Anger Against Injustice
Avatar Stefaan


Ghent, Belgium
How to Use Anger for Creativity
Avatar Marjan & Veerle

Marjan & Veerle

Ghent, Belgium
An Angry Grandmother
Avatar Kelly


Ghent, Belgium
Everything With Love
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