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When I was playing rugby, I felt proud of my anger. I was proud because I was able to channel my internal anger into improving my impetus and tenacity on the field. It's quite exciting and satisfying when anger is utilized in a healthier and more constructive way by feeding it into your play.

Through meditation and the experiences shared amongst my coaches and team members, I transformed my anger into a positive force. Before the game, I would get "fired up" and/or energized with my team members. My anger was trying to tell me to not be physically afraid of the opposing players; whereas, I found myself not allowing any anger to be left and expended it all uncontrollably. 

In doing so, I felt fatigued but in a manner that was satisfied with the utilization of the anger, especially if the outcomes were favorable for me and my team members. I felt a sense of release every time. There was a shared experience with the internal anger that was shaped and collectively constructed to be used to aid our efforts and game plan, particularly being the level of physicality of the sport.

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