Ghent, Belgium

Proud of my angry creativity since 2015.

My anger in its pure or raw form feels warm, boiling, not understood, like a victim. It can show up very suddenly and feel like a bomb going off inside. 

Now I know it is telling me something - it is trying to find a way to be understood and recognized. 

If I can do something creative with it, create something acceptable and even beautiful with a message - I can regain my strength. During this creative process, I start to think differently, take on different perspectives - even my opponent’s point of view. This gives me the freedom to learn something that I would otherwise probably not be willing to. The choice to create something out of anger allows me to focus on possibilities, on a future moment when I will have created something that I feel proud of. 

The first step is often to try and find humor in my anger. The people around me see that I am doing something positive with my anger and frustrations, and I even try to inspire others to do something similar. My creations are more appreciated than my rage. It is a different way of living.

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